Tuesday, May 15, 2012

(From Jonna- dated April 16, 2012)

Hello again!
Mom- Sad that I missed that RS fireside. I wish I'd had that when I was graduating. 54th Ward was a great place for me to understand RS and esp visiting teaching. Jeni Rudd is awesome. Miss her tons. Glad to hear that the Luau was good. Would've been better had I arrived :) jk Next time, you better not tell me about the Johnny Wright cooking... :( miss that food!
Dad-Thanks so much for the email and the package this week. I shed a little tear as I looked at the Easter Pageant program. I miss that. I also really liked the talk too. It was perfect for me that day. And, the Mickey. Loved it. (Did you know that MoTab sings THREE Disney songs on their Cds? Totally tender mercies from the Lord when I listen to them.)
Hank- Where are your emails to me?? I haven't heard from you in a while! haha-jk, I know you are super busy too. Time is limited and I get that now. Sorry my emails are long, and I can only print if I pay for it. Not gonna :) So, I'm not worried if you can't read all my emails. You'll have more time in 5 months. Crazy! The reason they are so long is first, I type fast, and second, during the week, I will write down things in my planner that I want to mention in my emails. I don't get to all of them, but then I have some ideas of what to write about.
Addie- Sheesh, I guess you don't miss me?? Haha jk-I get it. It is different. And, thanks for telling me that Celeb. Apprt. was INTENSE! That doesn't make me miss TV haha :)
Ciara- Tell Rebecca CONGRATS for me! She is cute!
Jeri- I'm sending you a separate email with my CD request. Also, I found your Mormon.org profile. Very nice. Very perfect. You've got some good insight.
Carla-You have an email?? Crazy! haha. Thanks for the song. I loved it. Hope you keep emailing me! 
Today, it has been super stormy. As yall were telling me about the storms in AZ, I thought that was funny that last night, I was up all night because of thunder and rain. I didn't mind so much. I love listening to the rain. This week was eventful-especially with transfers. I am officially in my 2nd transfer! Wahoo! On Tuesday, Elder Roos went home and Elder Matthews was called as Zone Leader in Kingwood. They didn't have time to clean their place, so Sister Cochran and I went over during our lunch hour and cleaned it up. Wow...boys are filthy. Haha. It was fun to do and it set a great tone for our day. Tuesday was probably the best day ever. Even Sister Cochran said she had never had a day like it on her mission before. I don't know how to describe it, but it was great. We were happy, positive, motivated, and filled with the Spirit. We met our new Elders. Elder Packard is our new Distrcit leader. He is training Elder Topou (too-poe), who just got here from the MTC. They are great! Elder Packard has a heavy load this transfer. He is whitewashing (coming into a new area that had just been flushed), he is training, and he is a District Leader. He told us that he has never served with Sisters before-now only 6 months left of his mission-and he has a district FULL of us! Out of 4/6 missionaries are sisters here. Haha-so hopefully we don't drive him insane. Really though, he is a great missionary. Elder Topou is Tongan. Actually, we asked him about Elder Archuleta. He got to meet him! He said that everyone is buzzing there about Elder Archuleta being in the MTC. He was placed in a forgien district on purpose because no one really knows him. There is a rule at the MTC right now that no one can take pictures with him. Elder Topou said that he saw Elder Archuletta in the temple the day before he came to TX. He asked him if he could have a photo on his last day there. Elder Archuleta said "ok." So, they all went to the back of the temple grounds and got a quick photo. Haha. I guess Elder Archuleta's district have become like his body guards-making sure no one takes pictures with him. It was pretty funny.
We taught a family this week. I don't know if I told yall about them. The R family-they have young kids. We taught them the Restoration using Jenga blocks a few weeks ago. The other night, we taught them the Plan of Salvation and they SOAKED it up! They totally remembered the Restorarion and why Joseph Smith prayed and what he saw. We used the visual Ciara made for me of the Plan of Salv. (THANKS!) We told them it was like a map of our lives and then we mixed it up so they could try to put it together by themselves. Totally got it! It was awesome. No wonder the Savior told us to be as little children. They are humble, willing to learn, and when they recognize truth-they believe it.  We also went to visit A-R. She is an elderly woman who is so firm in her faith! She was in the hospital and requested 3 B of Ms. She was just giving them away all over the place. I really admired her courage.
Thanks so much for the package! When I finally got it, we were driving around in the car and I was opening it up. I saw the photos of the dogs. yay! I had told the story of Juliet weeks ago and was always saying "When I get those photos-you'll know what I'm talking about." Well, when I pulled out the photos I only saw the photo of Juliet when she was skinny. (Sitting by Addie's feet) Sadly, I gave the photos to the Elders and said, "Ok, this is when she was skinny. Sorry I didn't get a better photo than that." They were like "Its ok-pretty dog-OOOHHHHH!!!!" They had turned to the next photo (The infamous Fat Dog photo of her on the grass-I hadn't seen that you'd sent that one yet). We have NEVER seen the Elders laugh to hard and so loud before. We were all crying and laughing so hard. Everyone loves the story of Juliet. Sis. Cochran said I should carry those before and after photos with me always because somehow, Juliet seems to come up in conversation. We might even post her photo on the fridge as motivation to not eat so much. It is hilarious. But, really, I miss Buster! Thanks for the photos. He is stinkin' cute. Can't believe we got a dog door. It only makes sense that we got one now and now when Juliet was around. She can only fit through a human door. She would've gotten stuck in a dog door...
Funny thing-We were walking through our apartments on Thursday night looking for a member's home. Someone's window was WIDE open and the TV was there. American Idol was on TV and it was the very end. I was Ryan Seacrest and Randy Jackson on the stage with who I thought was Jasmine Trias. I was like "AHH!! Idol!" Ran back and wanted to watch it. I paused and saw that it wasn't Jasmine, but whoever was eliminated. It was killing me that I didn't know who is on this season and for a second, my heart sank a little more knowing that I will have to catch up on TWO seasons. Sigh...it was a weak moment for me. But, I had to be strong and walk away. The work of the Lord is more important than a television show. (Glad to hear it is better than X Factor-I figured it would be.)
Well, this week, I invite yall to create your Mormon.org profiles! We get 1 hour each week to be on Mormon.org. So, during that time, I watch videos, read profiles, etc. I have looked and looked for everyone's profile, but only found Jeri! Really?? Family, follow that example and get going on them! I updated mine a bit. So, I'll be checking...better get those profile done :)
I need to get going now. Love yall so much!
Sister Jackson

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