Monday, October 29, 2012

(A.J.) - First week as a trainer- Halloween Chile cookoff

Well how is it going. Sorry I don't have too much time today, this morning when I checked my inbox I had 13 new emails, and usually on a good day I get like 4, so ya, don't have too much time. But I loved reading all the letters. So this past week has been good. Elder Carl is awesome, not the same as Elder Kur, but still cool. We get along great and he has a good sense of humor. He loves movies, just like I do and he loves basketball, just like I do, and we spend a lot of time just talking about movies. It is fun. this is funny, but he actually acts a lot like hank, I don't know how to describe it, just some of the things he does, and the ways he acts, and the stuff he says, just reminds me a lot of hank, it is cool. But we get along great so far.
 It is tough being a trainer though, I never realized how much more stressful it is. First of all, I need to set a good example to him. I mean, I could just forget about it and not care what anyone thinks, but if I did that, it would ruin his mission, so I am always trying to be a good missionary which is so freakin stressful. Also I am pretty much in charge of our area, I have to come up with what we need to do when appointments fall through and when we just have nothing to do, I need to always figure something out to do. I also know more Creole, which means that I have to teach most of the lessons and stuff. I don't know, just a bunch of different things just add up and make me more and more stressful. My stress level has like increased by 10 since I've started training, no joke. It is not fun. But I keep doing it. Its weird. the harder I work, the more stressed I get. but its all good. I just can't wait till I'm not training again so that I don't have so much responsibility.
Well this past saturday we had a combined halloween party with 3 wards. it was a lot of fun. As the missionaries, they asked us to be the judges of the chilie, and so I was expecting like 5 or 6 chilies to be there, but then more and more people just kept coming in with their chilie. there ended up being 30 chilies we had to judge, it was fun, but long story short, going to the bathroom afterwards was not too much fun. haha. But the party was a blast. Well, that is about it for this past week. I can't believe the month of october is already almost over, it seems like just yesterday when it began. the months just go by so fast. the days and weeks are slow, but for some reason, the months are fast. Well, I will definately look forward to the absentee ballot. Well I gotta go, take care.
Love, A.J.

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