Monday, October 8, 2012

(A.J.) General Conference- Getting new companion

Hey everybody. Well this past week was pretty good, I want to say it was better than normal. So obviously we had conference this past week. I won't lie, it did make me a little homesick, but i got over it. OK, so about the big announcement, well, first, I loved the announcement of the new temple, When I heard that I just got really happy and a bit emotional. And then the even bigger announcement. Well, me and my companion, Elder Kurt, were sitting next to each other in the chapel, and when they started talking about missionaries from other countries going out at 18, we both turned to each other and said, "they're going to lower the age" and they did, it was really cool, and I got a bit emotional. It was really cool, but I wasn't expecting the sis. missionaries age to be lowered at all, when he said they were going to lower it, i was shocked and surprised. Wow, its crazy 18 for elders, and 19 for sisters. I kept thinking about all the priests back home and thinking to myself and knowing that they will be headed on their missions soon. So what is Justin going to do, is he going to finish his year/semester at BYU Hawaii or is he going to go out as soon as possible, let me know will ya. But ya, I'm glad they lowered the age, I only wish they had changed it a year ago, then I would have been more than halfway done with my mission. haha. but its all good. And I think it will be great, we actually have an elder here in our mission from Brazil who came out right out of high school at age 18, and he is a great missionary. So it will be a good thing. Well, the rest of conference was great too. I really enjoyed it. like seriously, i really enjoyed it. It was honestly the first time that I actually listed to everything they had to say. Before, I had only really listened to Priesthood session maybe because its easier cause you're in the chapel and you have to watch it. But this time, I listened and just really enjoyed everything about it.  But ya, general conference was really great. oh, and on a little side note, I really wanted to go to red lobster, but obviously we couldn't or it would pretty much bankrupt us for the month, but we did get some really good ice cream, actually it was frozen yogurt, it was really similar to yodipity. And during priesthood session, me and my companion sat in the same spot we always do back home, the second row in the middle, on the right side. I just had to do it. :) overall, I really enjoyed conference. Well, sounds great that Jeri is thinking about going on a mission now, I think she totally should, and it would benefit her much better than China would, ( sorry jonna no offence haha) but it really would and I think jonna would agree. Even for

 me, I mean, I've had my fair share of times when I don't really want to be out here much, and I still get those feelings often, and I'm sure they won't fully go away, but I have seen the difference the mission has done for me so far and the things I've learned. And I'm grateful for the time I've had to serve, even though it is tough, and like I said, sometimes I wish I could just be home, I am still grateful for the things I've learned. So ya, overall, I think Jeri, you should definitely consider going on a mission. But if a guy wants to marry you too, theres nothing wrong with that. haha!!!!! just kidding!!! Well, this week is my last week with my awesome companion Elder Kurt. It has been a great 12 weeks with him. We have had so much fun together, we get along great, we both love sports, we both are competitive, we both have a big big sense of humor, and we just get along great. I don't know if I will ever get another companion like I like better than him. We have really gotten along great and it will stink when we aren't companions again. But it is all good. Hopefully though, sometime down the road, probably around the last 6 or 5 months of my mission, but we could possibly be companions again. I really hope that would happen again, we did the math and everything and figured everything out, and there is a possibility that we could be companions again. So I will really try to enjoy our last week together. But next Tuesday, I will have a new companion. I don't know for sure yet if I am training, but all of the Haitian Elders here are like 95% sure that I will stay here and train in Bumby, while Elder Kurt will go to Ocoee and Train there. So I will be a "father" and have a "brother" and Kurt will have a "grandson" of course this is all just mission talk stuff, it probably means nothing to you guys, but it will be cool for us. So ya, next week, I don't know exactly how the week will go, I'm pretty sure I will still get to email you guys as normal on Monday, but for some reason if I don't just know that I will get to you on Tuesday. Oh and about the package, I loved it and I enjoyed the video as well especially of Hank. That was great for me to watch. I really enjoyed it. It made me excited for when I get to come home. Oh, and Elder Kurt really enjoyed the video of me opening my call. he thought it was funny, oh and Carla, great job on the performances, I loved the first one, it was great. Well, that is about it for this past week, I filled out a camera card completely so I will be sending that home sometime soon. So look for it. I hope you enjoy all the pictures and videos. Well, I love ya, and I'll see ya later. Take care.

Love, A.J.

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