Monday, October 1, 2012

(JONNA) Oct 1, 2012 "Is it October??"

Hey Y'all!
Well, transfers were this last week and it has been a little different, but really great! I was super nervous about leading an area. It is the first time that I have stayed in an area and gotten a new companion. So, I have been a little nervous about being the one who knows the area. My companion is Sister Erick! YAY!!! I was secretly hoping that it would be her, but I didn't want to voice it...just in case. BUT she was the only other Sister getting transferred other than Sister Karr. Sister Cochran is training AGAIN! Sweet! I have a "sister!" Sister Ka is in a trio with Sister Sals and Sister John. Sounds like things are going ok down there in Humble, but...this is Sister Ka's first transfer from her "Birth" area. So, I have been wondering just what is going on. Sister Ka and Sister Erick were MTC companions and they both got transferred at the same time. Sister Erick was in La Porte for 6 months. She is very sad to leave that area, she loved the people there so much. I think it is so good that she is in Woodville now. It is a TOTALLY different area than being in Houston. It is so rural, small town, trees, and hills. It is the only sisters area that has hills. All the other places are in the middle of cities. It is so culture shock sometimes. Dirt roads, huge truck, everyone is family, thick accents, and very rustic. I love it, and she is finding humor in it too I think. We just have to look around and laugh. But, I love being with Sister Erick. She is from Provo and will be 23 in October. (Hey! That's THIS month! Wow...) She is very organized and soft spoken, but I am so glad she is my comp. She came out 6 weeks after I did. I remember seeing her at a choir practice and no one was talking to her, she was new and didn't know anyone. I was still pretty new and didn't know many people either so I went and said hi to her. Since then, we have got along real good. Haven't lived together long but so far it has been good. We will see how the next few weeks go. But, already, it is so nice having her as my companion. (Also, we got our new truck! It is a 2011 Checy Colorado. I love it. Shiny and new. Last sister to drive the other truck and first to drive this one! (Pretty much an awesome bragging right.) It used to be the Assisstants' truck. Love it!
There were 10 missionaries that went home last week, and 18 new ones that arrived. It was a very emotional meeting. 
Anyway, the next few months, all the missionaries that I have looked up to as these "seasoned missionaries" are headed home. Elder Matt & Bro leave in 6 weeks and then Sister Co leaves in 12. Just before Christmas. Man, trying not to think about it. In 6 weeks, I will be half way done with the mission (yikes!) and very soon, will be one of the "older" missionaries. It is so weird and I am so nervous because that means training will come probably. 

And, mom, no I am not training right now. Hank is right, training means you get a brand new missionary as a companion and you carry a lot of the weight. They are still figuring things out. In fact, President Crawford has said that the example the trainer sets for his/her greenie is a huge indicator for how the rest of their mission goes. They will fall back on that example for the rest of their mission. YIKES! SO, SO glad I am not training. I have way too much to work on. Anyway, change is happening all over the mission and I am sad to see it happen. But, it is ok. And, Dad, no I do not have the October song. If mom hasn't sent the package yet, you would pop it in there and I promise not to listen to it before Oct.31.  If you can't yet, just send it before Halloween. Whenever :) Can't believe October is here.
You FINALLY noticed that Woodville people have been talking to you on Facebook? Sheesh. I keep asking Sister D, "Did my mom respond yet?" I was wondering what was gong on...haha. And, Betty O. Man, I love her. She is one of my FAVORITE people here in Woodville. She has the most tender heart I've ever seen. Her son, Jarom, is going on his mission to the Philippenes (sp?). He reports Oct 10, but is leaving to conference this week. Will you write her back and encourage her about her son? She is so happy he is going, but super sad as it gets closer. Will you write back and express your excitement for her? And, check in occasionally and see how she is doing? She would love that! I went to her house last night and she brought me a print out of yalls conversation. So cool! Loved it! Also, will you look on FB and find Denese D's husband, Tim D? He posted a photo of me and Sister Ka with our knives. Apparently, the whole Woodville branch and other missionaries had "liked" it a bunch. I want yall to see it. If not, no worries, I have a copy on my camera.
Well, I went to the RS Broadcast on Saturday night. It was awesome. First off, Sister Stephens reminded me of Aunt Debi. I was really sad when Sister Beck was released last conference. I shed a tear or two. But, I am very impressed with this RS presidency. I enjoyed that broadcast a lot. Many thoughts went through my mind. First, my mind went to Mom. (oh gosh, turning into her. Already tearing up as I type. Lame) I thought of where she was watching it and if she went alone, with Jeri, or with friends. Did she go out to eat? Was she ok? How has the RS calling been? Is she still overwhelmed? And, then I thought of how I'd be with her next year. This led me to look around at where I was at. I was in our little bity church building, in the RS room with a few of our RS members here. There were maybe 10 of us total. We brought finger food to snack on as we watched the broadcast, I had a quilt on my, boots off, feet propped up, and in the company of this little RS branch that I have come to love to much. I started to get emotional as I thought of being home next year and away from these people. How I love the Woodville Branch! I then started to think about all the things I am learning out here. How this mission has already helped me prepare to work as a better RS member than I was before. I loved all the talks and I cannot believe another Conference has come. How cool Jeri gets to go! Wave to me! Haha
Well, it is time to get going I suppose. We are fixin to go to Walmart now.
Glad Buster and Hank get a long good. And, I echo the concern of AJ. Do NOT let Buster get fat! No Arby's, popcorn, ham, french fries, or cornbread. We were only together a week, but boy, I miss that dog. Take care of him!
No worries about that package. I am not worried. BTW...mail cannot be forwarded anymore from the Mission Office. So, if yall send mail to the mission office, it will take longer to get to me. It will have to wait until Zone Leaders or Assistants come up here. It is ok to still send it to the mission office, but I just want yall to know that. So, send the package to Woodville ;) Thanks so much. Don't forget the camera cards! I appreciate so much that yall are even sending one for me. So, thanks for putting all that time into it. I also, got Jeri, Addie, and Carla's letters. I got Kylie's postcard! hahaha!! And, I got the package from the Beecrofts. (I got all those at transfer meeting since mail isn't being forwarded). Tell the Beecrofts I LOVED the mail. The mints were super awesome and the notes touched my heart. I love them so much. (Um...Hank...I hear you had a good talk, but where the heck is my letter?? No pressure, but...)
But, really, I've gotta head out. Time to get other errands done.
I love yall so much.
Sister Jackson
PS-Sister Livingston (Branch President's wife) caught me talkin Texan the other day! She said, "Sister Jackson, you're soundin like you're from Texas!" Sweet... :)

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