Monday, October 1, 2012

(A.J.) Oct 1, 2012--Things are getting better...

Hey guys, so this past week has been pretty good. It was pretty much the same old same old, as it usually is, but for some reason it was a bit different. Well on Sat. I went on exchanges with my old companion in the MTC, Elder G. It was kinda cool.  
Well I can't wait for the package, it will be nice to get some things. Oh, and if you could, It would be cool to get Scott's and Jack's mission office address. I figured, it will just be easier to mail them a letter through the mission office address rather than their actual address because it never changes. so ya, if you could get those for me that would be great. 
Well, it sounds like Hanks talk was great, I wish I could have been there. Its funny about the bloody nose thing. In the MTC there were a lot of missionaries whose nose would bleed all the time because they were from humid places, I'm not looking forward to adjusting to that when I get home. oh and last week you said something that hank said about how everything is green and there are no mountains and how hank said sometimes it feels a bit claustrophobic, well I totally get what he's talking about. I mean, it is different how everything is green, but honestly I miss the valley so much. like, I love how it is just so open in the valley and you can see for miles, like if you get on the roof you can see for a long ways, but here, it really is claustrophobic, it kinda stinks, but I sure can't wait till I get to see the mountains and be in the valley again. Can't wait. 
Well, that's sad that the Fry's is closing, That stinks, I really liked that Fry's, it is a good place, and its also sad that the Palmer's are moving into the 25th ward. I wish they would stay. if i had a choice, I would always live in the 20th ward, but who knows what will happen in the future. Oh, and its also cool that Adam Brake and Stephanie are in our ward now, I hope they're still there when I come back, that would be cool. Well, so there has been some big news this past week, well sort of.
  Ok so in 3 weeks there are 2 new Haitian speaking Elders coming to the area, So for the past 2 months or so, we have tried to figure out who will be training and stuff. So we are not 100 percent sure, we are more like 80 percent sure, but we think that I will stay in this area and train, while my companion, Elder K, is going to a different with my old companion, Elder G, to train. So they will be in a threesome with elder K as the Sr. Companion while I will stay here and train. So I am kinda excited for that. I'm excited because it will be cool to just train, but I'm also nervous because I don't know how he will be like, and the language isn't as good as I'd like it to be. I mean i can carry on a conversation and understand about 60 or 70 percent of what they are saying to me, but I am still very nervous because I am not completely fluent yet. Also I am going to have a lot more responsibility if I'm training. Overall though if I train, I will be pretty happy. Again, its not 100 percent sure, but we have a good idea about what will happen. President Hall never really told us, but he hinted it. We will know for sure by next Tuesday though, So I'm excited for that. Well, sounds like things are going good back home. Keep taking care of Buster and make sure he doesn't get fat....Hank. Seriously, if I get home and he is fat, I will not be happy. haha. but seriously, take good care of him. And don't feed him arby's. haha. Well, I should get going, I'll see you later, take care and be safe.
Love, A.J.

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