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(JONNA) Sept 24, 2012- Temple Trip

Hello Y'all!
Well, transfer call came on Saturday night and I am not getting transferred! I am staying in Woodville for at leact 6 more weeks! Sister Ka is getting transferred though, and so we will be in Kingwood on Tuesday for that meeting. Everyone thought that I was going to train, but I'm not. WHEW! Sister Co got the call from President last night and she sent me a text: "Jackson, looks like you are getting a sister!" Haha. So my trainer (or "mom") is training again for her last two transfers, so now I have a "sister." Which is pretty lucky because that doesn't happen too often. It tells you what an awesome missionary Sister Cochran is. As for Sister Ka, she is pretty sad. She has been in Woodville for 6 months now and this is her first area. She has been ready for a change, but then when the change actually came, she was pretty bummed about it. I guess it is a bittersweet thing for her. I am sure going to miss her though. She knows so much about the area and we do have a good time. So, I am sad to see her go.
 I think my new companion will be wither Sister Erick or Sister John. I don't know who else is getting transferred yet. We will find out tomorrow!! Also, we got a call from the Assistants, and we are getting a new truck! Sorta. We drive a Chevy Colorado and the Assitants have a Silverado. Well, long story short, we are switching trucks with the assistants tomorrow. So, I am the last sister to drive the Colorado and the first to drive the Silverado! Haha, thought that was cool :)
I'm glad Hank liked the planner I made him! Hope he got a kick out if it. I thought it was a pretty swell planner (if I do say so myself...) I almost kept it I liked it so much! But, no worries, I have one made new for me. It's is cool :) Loved the pictures of yall with Hank at the airport. (Dad, you're wearing the Texas hat!! Sweet!! Oh, I'm so proud!! :) Yup, he looks overwhelmed, but that's usually Hank. And, how could you NOT be? I'm sure I'd be the same way. I thought of Hank all day long, and AJ too. I didn't get too homesick though. I was more homesick for AJ. I was constantly thinking and praying for him most the day. I didn't want him to feel sad. I'm so glad to have been so lucky-blessed to serve with TWO brothers. Now, I get to serve with one more, and for the rest of my mission. Sweet. Dude Hank, you gotta get to bed earlier though. For real? Get a job! Haha, but I'm glad yall are enjoying ;) Write me buddy! Still waiting for that letter...that postcard was meant for you too! :) But, I got the letters from the girls this week! Haha, I LOVED them. I won't be able to write back this week since we are cleaning and packing up Sister Ka's stuff. But, I will write back soon!
Well, last Tuesday was our temple trip! It is the second time I've been able to go to the Houston Temple. I loved it. It was perfect and just what I needed. I sat there in the Celestial Room looking at all the missionaries around me. Some going home this week and some next transfer, some after me. I thought of Hank with one day left and I thought of AJ who I was hoping wasn't struggling. I thought of the families who have sent these kids off to serve, some who are only members in their family, some who have had serious trials occur at home while they were gone, some who went as an act of duty or expectation, and some who are TRUE missionaries. I sat there thinking about where I am at and how far I've come (on my mission and in life). I realized that in 6 weeks I will be half way through with my mission. HALF! Are you kidding me? I have not learned enough to be out here that long! I realized that I have a lot to do and I need to get crackin! But, it was a nice few minutes in the temple with a Celestial Room full of missionaries. Then, I saw some members who work in the temple and felt so blessed. I saw President Pomeroy and Sister Connie Lovelace. How I have loved the members here! Anyway, Tuesday was good. We went to the Distribution Center and This is the Place (LDS Bookstore). I spent some $$ and hope that was ok. (by the way, today, I am going to buy a couple souvenirs at McClure's. I may spend like $30. Hope that is ok. I am trying to not spend a whole lot. Also, last week, I took cash out at Walmart, so I may use some of that now that I think about it...)
Updates on the work:
Ann did not get baptized yesterday like we'd hoped. Her life got really, really crazy and she got sick. So, we haven't been able to finish teaching her. So, her date has been moved to sometime in October. She even came to church yesterday totally sick. I felt so bad! But, I admire her so much. I didn't have to speak in Church yesterday since I spoke last week. Which was a good thing because it was Jarom Odom's farewell. It was a good meeting. Sister Karr said goodbye to a lot of people. We had a fireside last night that we were hoping a couple investigators would come to, but they didn't :( Yet, it was good to see the members. I LOVE this branch so much. I am so glad I am staying, even for a little while longer. 
We found three new investigators this week! Wahoo! We talked to Mar (a referral from Betty O). She is awesome. Also, did I tell yall about meeting Ter? Well, last week, we were tracting and a at this house a little boy answered (8 yrs old). He opened the door and said, "Who are you?" We said, "Missionaries! Is your mom home?" From the back of the house we could here her ask who it was and he shouts. "It's missionaries!" Then turns to us and blurts, "What are missionaries?" (And this kid is loud!) I told him, "We teach about Jesus Christ." So he hollars to his mom, "They talk about Jesus Christ!!!" Ter (the mom) came out so embarrassed and laughing. It was a great ice breaker! She told us to come back another time. We did, yesterday and had a great visit with her and her other son (9 yrs) Col. He was the cutest kid. He is a big kid but loves to pray and talk about God. He said, "I know the Bible is true, I saw it on Google." Haha. He was awesome. Ter said, "Well, we are Baptist, but if you have anything to teach that will help my kids become better and stronger then go ahead." Well, then, we shall :) We left them with a Book of Mormon. Col looked like he wanted one and I gave him one, he was pretty happy. It was sweet :)
Well, that is about it so far this week. Staying in Woodville, which is now my official "longest area." RS General Meeting on Saturday, we got permission to watch it! Can't wait to get my package! Did my absentee ballot come? Is there a deadline for that? Also, Dad, did you know an Elder Blomquist in Portugal?
Sending some photos from the temple!

Love yall!
Sister Jackson

Houston Temple Trip- September 2012
Our district.  Elders Axtell and Allen  They wanted a District photo so we took one :) 

Me & Sister Karr

Me & the temple

Our whole zone. We are the only sisters in the zone (which is refreshing). Love these Elders so much.

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