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(JONNA) Oct 15, 2012

Hey Yall!
Well, this weekend (since I wrote on Wednesday) has been crazy busy! On Friday night, we drove to Kingwood and stayed the night in the Mission Home with the Lake Charles Sisters (Sisters Hicken & Tuigamala). We had a "Tri-Wizard Tournament" (aka Tri-Mission Conference) in Downtown Houston. It was so awesome to stay in the Mission Home. We chatted with Sister Crawford (she sent President on a store run so we could have apples and caramel to snack on) and enjoyed the Spirit in their home. I slept in the same bed I did 8 months ago when I arrived in the Mission Field. Again, I didn't sleep hardly at all, but this time with a lot LESS angst. I remember having that room to myself when I stayed there the first time. I remember thinking, "I am really in Texas. Oh great...what did I do??" Then, Friday night I thought, "Man, I love being in Texas. This is THE Best Mission!" We got up the next morning and had a nice breakfast, but were out the door about 7:30am to get to Houston. Elder Tad Callister was there and he was with Elder Echo Hawk (remember from General Conference??) and Elder Ellis. Elder Gifford Nielson (the Area Seventy) spoke to us and then Sister Erick felt sick and needed the restroom. So, we spent the next 45 mintues-hour there. I opened the door of the Mother's Room and sat on the ground while I listened to Elder Echo Hawk tell of his conversion story. It was fabulous. I thought of all the Papago girls and how much potential they have just like Elder Echo Hawk. Then, I listened to Elder Ellis. Sister Erick was feeling a little better so we went to the rest of Elder Callister's talk. He brought out a chalkboard and outlined the Plan of Happiness in such a way that I had never thought of before. It was amazing! Wish I had more time to go into details about what was talked about, but I don't have time. (again, this email may be short.) The best thing was Elder Nielson said that Houston was the place to be. There is tremendous growth in the Houston Area and in the South. Especially with the new age lowering, this area is going to flourish. I know it, and I am SO blessed to be in THE mission I am in now and with the people I am with now.
Well, we came home and Betty O called. She dropped by our place and had a huge birthday package for Sister Erick (she is from Provo, and when they dropped off Jarom at the MTC they saw her parents and got a package for her. Her bday is on the 22nd) So, we talked to them for a little while. She has questions about how to use DearElder (mom-could you check in on her and make sure she figured it out?) and what Jarom was going to experience in the MTC. It was so great to talk to her. I love her so much!

Speaking of...AJ!!! Training??? Sweet! SO glad I'm not doing that yet! You are leading AND training for the first time at the same time? Man, I do NOT envy you, but I am so proud of you. You will do a great job. I'm freakin' out with my little Woodville area and leading here. Sheesh. Good luck and let me know how it goes. Also, so cool you saw Elder Merkley! Remember when I spoke with him in my ward? I think I spoke on New Year's with an Elder serving in Mesa and with Ryan Merkley. Sweet! It is nice to see a familiar face, huh?
I got yalls envelope with the tags and stamps. THANKS! I got them Friday just before we left to Kingwood. Those are the exact stamps I wanted. Thanks a TON! Also, I love the tags. Man Hank, you really beat up on that tag, huh? Nice. Mine all have a coat of hairspray on them, not as exciting. Glad Carla had a good birthday. I can't believe she got her ears pierced. Mom made me when I was 11 too and I got scabs instead. Gee...thanks. Haha;just kidding! Jeri and Addie at Disneyland. Honestly, I tried not to think about it! I got the postcard. Loved it! I have not seen World of Color yet, I can't wait to! How was Car's Land? The Beecrofts said it was awesome. Did I tell yall I got a package from them? Tell them thanks. I will try to send a note their way in the coming weeks. Dad-congrats on the championship game! Or, final? That is awesome! Yall gonna stay in AZ for Thanksgiving then? If so, let me know. If I stay in Woodville through Thanksgiving I know someone who I may send a package with to yall. Also, I got Kylie's letter. I LOVED it. I laughed all through it. I'll write back soon. So glad to know my ballot came. I will send that in as soon as I can. And, Dad, my votes are confidential so...ya... :) You may need to send some suggestions with it of who to vote for. I can't promise anything though :) :) And, Hank is a Car Salesman?? Are you kidding me?? Dude-where is that letter you keep promising to send? I need it! And, what ward are you gonna join? 54th? or YSA1st? Honestly, that was the best thing I could have done. not for marriage purposes, but to get friends and learn to function in a ward. I loved it!
Well, we gotta get going. We are fixin to go on a hike with the Jasper Elders and President and Sister Crawford today. Sweet! We are going to hike in Martin Dies National Park (remember the Croc sign-do not feed or approach?-well that is where we are going to hike at. Yay!!) I will let yall know how it goes!
Sorry this was so short this week. Hope to have more to tell next week.
Love yall!
Sister Jackson
PS-Did yall get the photos I emailed?
PSS-Enjoy Amazing Race. A family had their TV on and I may or may not have seen an ad for it. I'm with AJ-those were some of the best nights.

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