Friday, October 19, 2012

(A.J.) October 15, 2012- Friends from high school, New companion, and training.

Hey how is it going everyone. Well it sounds like it was a great week. Man, where do I start, I feel like I have a ton of questions and things to say. Well, first of all, last week on Tuesday, I got a phone call from President Hall at about 8:30 in the morning, and come to find out, I am training. I can't believe it, honestly. I am so freaking nervous, my language isn't nearly as good as I want it to be ad I just am so nervous and honestly don't feel ready enough for it, but another side of me is super happy that I get to show a new Elder around. Overall I feel good about it and can't wait for it. It will definitely help me grow out here on my mission. Elder Kur was only 9 weeks out when he started training me and that helped him out a ton with the language and everything, now he is completely fluent in Creole, so as nervous as I am to have to take the lead now in translating during sacrament meeting, and teaching lessons and stuff, I know that it will just help me out with the language. Overall, the language is my biggest concern, but it will be good, I know it. 

So tomorrow, I will pick up my new companion, I am nervous, I have no idea if he will be really cool, or some one that I don't get along with at all. I really hope I get along with him well. I've said this many times but Elder Kur was the best first companion I could have, We got along so great, and seriously when I say this I am not exaggerating, we never got into any arguments, the only arguments we ever got in was, who won in a B-ball game or in a game of uno or something, and even then we are just kidding around. It has been a great 3 months with him and I feel like the lord gave me a good break from my mtc companions, and gave me Kur, but now, I feel like the Lord will see that I had too much fun and will give me a tough companion to get me working harder. haha. But ya, I'm just really nervous. 

So next week, I will let you know how it goes, I won't find out until 10 min. before I get him, who my trainee is. I hope it all goes well. Oh, and Elder Kur is going with Elder Gas, they are in an area that is right next to ours, so I will still get to see him a lot and stuff.

 Well, so something cool happened yesterday, ok, so I don't know if you guys know Anna-Marie Port, she was a high school friend of mine, every Thursday night when I went to go play ultimate frizbee with a bunch of people, she would always be there. Well, I don't know if you knew this but she married Ryan Merk, the missionary who went to the exact same mission that I'm at right now, the one that was in our stake and I got to talk to him. Well I found that out because Elder Merk is really big here in the Bumby ward, and he served in this ward that I'm at right now for 18 months, yes, that is not a typo, he served in my area that I'm at right now for 18 months, so he is very well known around here and a bunch of members talk to him and stuff, so overall I heard through the grapevine that he was getting married to Anna, my friend. Well, I also heard from a member that he was going to spend his honeymoon here in Orlando and that he was going to visit our ward. so Yesterday, I got to see Anna and Ryan. It was so cool. We got to talk to them for a bit and it was just super cool to see some people from mesa that I knew. It made my day. I was so happy. I didn't get a picture with them, just basically because he was talking to a bunch of members and I was busy and I just couldn't find the right time to take a picture with them, but it was really cool. I got to see some friends from mesa. It really made me happy and even more excited to do missionary work, I wish more people would come and that I could see some friends from mesa, it honestly made me more happy and excited to do missionary work. It was great. So that was definitely the highlight of the past week.
Oh, and Amazing Race already started, man, I'm jealous, I have to tell you, my favorite times back home wasn't hanging out with friends or playing video games or doing stuff like that, even though they were really fun, but honestly my favorite times back home was every Sunday night, we would watch Celebrity Apprentice, and even better, the Amazing Race, I really miss those times. Honestly though, watching amazing race with the entire family was my favorite times back home. Well, that is all I can think of to say. Oh I remembered, so the absentee ballot, where do I send it to, or does it say it on the absentee ballot, just curious,  I figured it says it right on the ballot, but if it doesn't where do i send it. Oh, and guess what, you guys already probably know this by now, but tomorrow is my 5 month mark, its crazy, by the time I am done training, I will be 8 months out and it will be in the year 2013, I've noticed that the days go by really slow sometimes, and even the weeks, but the months just fly by, I mean I can't believe we are already halfway in the month of October, so don't worry about that, anyways, time goes by slow sometimes, but months just go by fast. Well, that's about it, I wish I had more to say. Just take care and have fun and I'll see ya later. bye.
Love, A.J.

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