Monday, October 29, 2012

(JONNA)- Halloween Chile Cookoff- Back in Louisiana

Hey Yall!
Well, it was a super busy week! We had exchanges with the Lake Charles sisters. I went to LA again. It was so fun, I spent it with Sister Hick. She goes home in December with Sister Co, my trainer. SO crazy. Next week, Sister Sal and Elder Matt head home. I am so sad to see them go. After December, I will be one of the "old" missionaries. Ok, well, I am already old, but you know...old.
We had Sister's Training on Wednesday. So, I drove to Vidor to exchange, drove to Lake Charles for the exchange. On Tuesday night, Hick and I drove to Beaumont where we met up with Erick and Tuig. There, I drove us from Beaumont to Kingwood. We spent the night at the Mission home (which is my favorite!). And, then we had Sister's Training. President told us of the changes in the missionary work concerning the age lowerment. On average SLC gets 600-700 mission applications each week. After the age lowering, they received 4,000. (Some members say 7,000...but you get the picture). So, in the coming months our mission is expected to go from 110 missionaries to 180. Every area will be open, and even doubled. President even asked Sister Erick and I to see if an added set of missionaries could be added to Woodville. So, we are exploring that for him. He told the sisters that the training was to help us improve and perfect the things we already know. That way, when these younger (and slightly/maybe less mature) sister missionaries come, we will be ready to help them. He said a lot more sister's areas will open, and more sister's bike areas! Yikes! Exciting, but yikes! Haha. So, Sisters training was awesome. I loved it. I got to see Sal and Co before they leave. I told Sister Sal how much I loved her and I was sorry for being a grouch. She was so sweet and said, "You were one of my favorite companions. Who else can I quote Office jokes with?" Haha. So, I guess I wasn't a total grouch in Humble. We got a "generation photo" with Sisters Hig, Hay, Co, Me, and Wen. Hig trained Hay and Co, and Co trained Me and Wen. I don't have my camera, but I'll send you that photo soon.
Well, Ann will be getting baptized on Sunday! For sure! She is excited! Also, did I tell you about Car? She just showed up to church last Sunday and we taught her the Restoration on Thursday. By then, she was already finished with 1 Nephi in the Book of Mormon. We shared with her the Joseph Smith story (the long one!) and then invited her to be baptized. She said yes, that is what she wants. We set a goal for December 2nd. She said she was already quitting coffee, tea, and smoking and we haven't even taught her the Word of Wisdom yet! Sweet!! It was such a good day. Sister Erick and I said goodbye to her and went back into the church, we walked slowly around the corner with Erick saying "Don't jump, don't jump." Then, when we were out of her sight, we lept in the air and shouted! YAYAY!!! It was awesome. Both Ann and Car came to church on Sunday. Betty O taught RS about "The Laborers in the Vineyard." It was so good. I just love her. We had an awesome dinner with her and her family. Boy, if I leave Woodville, I will be really missing that family!
Well, other business...
HAPPY birthday mom!! Hope it was good. Sounds like it was busy, but I hope you still enjoyed it! Wish I could have sent yall something more than a card. But, alas, I am poor :)
Also, yes...I need my ballot! Sister Erick just mailed hers in this week. I guess it needs to be post-marked by election day. So, the sooner the better! Thanks for getting that ready for me though!
Also, mom, tell Ashley (at Whittier) I say hi! Boy, do I miss that job. I miss it a lot. Besides family, which doesn't count, I miss my job probably the most. How much I enjoyed that job! Tell everyone at Whittier I say hi! I'll have to send a Holiday greeting card to the office or something.
Can yall believe October is almost over? On Wednesday, we are going to the Fall Fest in Odomville. We will have a bonfire, hay ride, chili (which we are judges for...this is my 2nd time on the mission judging chili!), trunk or treat (or as they call it a "trick or trunk"), etc. I am so excited. We have lots of less active and nonmembers coming. So we will be busy! I wish I had brought my cat ears! haha. Just kidding. Man, can you believe I got my mission call a year ago?? (yes, Juliet died. mom, I laughed out loud when you wrote that. HAHAHA! Yes, sad thing, but pretty funny. AJ-am I right? ;) Last year, I got my mission call! That is so weird! Time is sure flying. November 8th will be my 1/2 way mark. Crazy.
Well, I think that about wraps it up. I can't think of much else to write. Except, it is getting SUPER cold here. I am such a wimp. I thought I was overloaded on cardigans when I left, but I think I could have brought more. Sheesh. Time for me to get creative! :)
Also, transfer calls are this Saturday. Next week I will be writing about where I will be at. Here in Woodville still or someplace else. I am praying that I stay. I love Woodville. I hope that doesn't mean I am leaving yet. So, (besides the package) write to the mission office. They will get me my letters wherever I'm at. If I leave Woodville and mail comes here, it will take longer for me to get it. No worries though.
Ok, I think that is it. Hm...thinking. Yup, that is it. With my luck, I will remember something right when I leave.
Love yall!
Sister Jackson
PS...anyone working on their profile? I'm still checking!
PPS-Mom, you quote was from Toy Story! It was Rex, " I have guilt!" haha, love it!

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