Monday, October 1, 2012

Hank is home!!!

Well, Hank has been home almost 2 weeks, and I'm finally just now blogging about it.  It's been such a crazy couple of weeks.  Hank is home.  Hank is home.  *sigh*.  In one sense, it went so stinkin' fast.  In seems like forever ago that we said goodbye to him.  We have had some nice conversations with him the past couple of weeks, and in his words, there were times when he didn't think he'd ever get home.  But he loved his mission regardless, and has no regrets doing it.  But without question, it was hard.

When he got off that plane, my heart was just full.  We have truly been blessed, to have these children serve.  And to answer anyone who has dared to ask, or not dared to ask...we are not the only ones who have been blessed having our children serve.  It has truly taken a village to get three children out at the same time, and there are some people in this village who prefer to remain anonymous.  To all...thank you.  With all my heart. "My cup runneth over", literally.

 **To see the video of our reunion with Hank, click here.**

The following are some of the airport pictures.
Addie and Jonna by proxy.  They look like twins!

Jeri and cousin Victoria at the airport

Jeri, "A.J.", "Jonna", and Addie...waiting for Hank to arrive.

Some cousins and Aunts, siblings, waiting.  (WAY in the back, you can see John catching a nap)

A couple of Hank's friends, David and Jacob, waiting at the airport. Jacob just got home from  his mission a month earlier, from Paraguay.  David (left) is waiting for his call.  His papers are in!  


The moment we finally spotted him.  It's blurry...but look at Addie and Carla.  In tears.

Hank and his missionary siblings.

Hank, Jake and David.  Friends since childhood.

Welcome home Hank!

Beecroft cousins, Joseph, Victoria & Becca.

Aunts Jackie and Lucy
Two years ago: This is Jeri, Addie and Carla ....just after Hank boarded on Sept 15, 2010. 

....Here they are, 2 years later.  Some happy sisters! And much  more grown up!!

....and happy parents too!

Hank and cousin David.

Home again.  With a package from Jonna waiting for him.  "How to survive being home from a mission" kit.  

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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog tonight and watching the video and photos of Hank's homecoming. It brought tears to my eyes, too!

    Love to you all. Enjoy this sweet time together.