Monday, August 27, 2012

(A.J.) Hurricane Isaac coming... Next week a new greeny.

Hey guys how are you doing. loved your emails. sorry this one will be short, I'm almost out of time. but about the hurricane, when we work out in the mornings, we go to a gym, a really nice one actually, its like a mini 24 hour fitness, anyways, there are TVs in there, and so i have actually been watching the weather each day, so ya, when we first saw it was coming we were all excited because they thought it would come right over us, but each day it looks like we are just going to get a tropical storm, and barely anything of the hurricane. so I'm bummed. but right now, it is just lightly raining, tonight though we should be getting some strong winds and some heavy heavy rain and lightning. So I'm excited. it will be great. It rains pretty much every day here though, so rain isn't really anything exciting here. but i still like it. so ya, that is how the hurricane is affecting us. well, its been a good week. I am in a 3some right now. just for one more week. then we get a greeny into our district. so i won't be a newby anymore. haha. Nothing really interesting happened this past week though. Sorry this is short, I had a lot of emails to read. haha. but everything is going fine. I'll try to make next week a more detailed letter. well take care. see ya.
Love, A.J.

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