Monday, August 20, 2012

(JONNA)- teaching, Stake Choir, canning, crocheting, etc.

Hey Everyone!
Well, this week has been good. A bit slow, but good. Sis. K and I got permission to be in the Stake Choir for Stake Conference this upcoming week. Elder Keele of the 70 is coming. We went to the practice last night and this Sunday we will be up there singing! I am so excited. The Stake Center is an hour and a half away though, so we will be drriving a lot this week. We also have a zone conference in Vidor tomorrow and so there is a few more hours of driving again. Which is ok, I don't mind long distance driving, it is just a lot of mile on our truck that we are running out of fast!
Most exciting thing this week...we have been teaching Ann. Her husband joined about 6 years ago and she has been meeting with missionaries all this time. She has been skeptical for a long time, then lots of honest questions, and now she is searching. Many, many missionaries have come and gone and helped her to progress. This last week, we talked about baptism, the Holy Ghost, and authority, and we taught from the Book of Mormon in 3 Nephi 11 and 12. We asked her if she believe the BoM to be true. She said, sha asked a long time ago, but she already had it in her heart that it was not true. However, this time, she really wants to know and she will do something about it! As we left, she said, "Will yall pray for me? Pray that I will be able to make this transition." We said yes! Then, we asked, "Do you want to make this transition?" And she said, "Yes, I do. I feel good about it. Pray for me this week as I look for answers." Wahoo!! We have been praying and fasting a whole ton for her this week. On Wednesday, we are going to invite her to be baptized and we are going to try and set a date with her. So, that is definitely the best thing that has happened this week so far!
I realized that yall freaked out over the Bible basher story! Yikes. Maybe I won't share those stories anymore :) I can just imagine mom and dad wanting to call and make sure I was ok. Good thing yall don't have my number :) :) haha... But, really, it was ok. I knew when he walked down the hall that it wasn't gonna be good because the Spirit gave me that impression. Sis. Karr felt the same way too. And, we didn't feel in danger. We just felt a spiritually hostile testimony from this man. He-was-right-and-there-was-nothing-we-could-say-to-prove-him-wrong kind of situation. He just wanted us to argue with him. And, we left :)
So, mom and dad, no worries :) It's a good. If yall think that was scary, don't ask about all the wild wolves, bears, and snakes they just let loose in the county. Not to mention the panthers we didn't know were around :) Basically, we live in a mix of Adventureland, Frontierland, with a touch of New Orleans Square. (The closer to the border, the more cajun you get.)
Other than that, we have been doing homemaker things too. We have been learning how to crochet (sp?) and can! One of our older members taught us how to crochet. So, at night, before bed, we will practice for a few minutes. Yall should see the little creation I made! The first attempt was no bueno, but my second...let's just say, I'm so proud!! Also, an elderly couple in the branch needed help canning pear preserves and plum jelly. So, for our service time this week, we went and did that. SO FUN! The pears were super good! And, the jelly is too, but I may heat it up and use it as syrup instead. Mmm...So many here are into food storage. (They have to...hurricanes are a reality and we are in that season!) We don't have to buy jam because we have so many jars of homemade jams and jellies: peach, plum, and mayhaw right now. Yum! 
Well, we got new Elders in Japser. They are the nearest missionaries to us (30 minutes away) and our District leaders. Elder Ax is training Elder All. Elder All just graduated high school in May and is now out here. He is sweet, but boy, do I feel like a granny sometimes! haha! So, we will see how this transfer goes with these Elders. They are great though.  
I guess my emails come delayed. Hope this one makes it to yall. I'm fixin to send this about 11:30am here. So, let me know what time it finally arrives. I love yall so much. Glad to know everyone is safe and feeling better. I don't have photos to send home yet, but look for a package in the coming weeks. Love yall!
Sister Jackson
PS...we hear rumors of a Toy Story 4. WHICH I heard before I left, but we are hearing it more and more. Is it true or not? Someone get on that info and let me know! :)

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