Wednesday, August 1, 2012

(JONNA) July 30, 2012- "End of July--Already??"

Hey Everyone!
Not too much to report on this week. It was an average week, and a bit slow, but good. We had President Interviews on Tuesday and boy, do I LOVE the Crawfords. I am so grateful for President and Sister Crawford. I am learning so much from them. Today, we get to go to Baytown!!! We are about 2 hours away from Baytown, but Sis. K has an appointment there. So, we get to go on a little road trip for Pday. Wahoo! Right now, Sister Hick and Sister Mok are serving there. We might get to hand out with them abit, maybe...
Well, I got a few letters this week! Yay! Mom, I got yours with the photos. So cool! Loved them! I sent Hank & AJ the photos of me with the alligator sign and dead deer a couple weeks ago. So, they may already have them. I wasn't planning on sending my cards home because I don't want them to get lost or take a long time getting back to me. So, thats why I made CDs to send home. But, this card I have now is 8GB and will take a LOT of CDs so...I may send that one home in a package. Not sure yet..but I will send captions for the other photos if thats what yall want. But, I got letters from mom, Addie, and Grandpa Jackson this week, and the Ruckers. So nice of them. I'll try to write back as soon as I can. I can't wait for Papago's letters!
I was very sad I missed Girl's Camp this last week. It crossed my mind the a few times. Was it still at LoMia? Oh how I love that place. This is the first time in 12 years that I missed Camp. Makes me want to cry! How did Jeri do on her Deep Thought? I heard she was asked to do that.
I had deer meat for the first time the other day! haha. It was ok. Not my favorite, but I'd eat it again. There are SO many animals in Woodville. Or, Tyler County I guess. Everyone has animals. I think of Carla all the time. She'd be jealous of all the animals I get to see. Dogs, cats, birds (cardinals!), lizards, frogs, pigs, horses, mules & donkeys, ponies, goats, sheep, mini horses and ponies, beetles, huge butterflies, snakes, chickens, roosters, deer, bulls, longhorns, cows, squirrels, racoons, and the list goes on and on! The other day, a little 7 year old girl, Emma, go on her families golf cart thing (but for off roading) and drove it around the farm. She has Carla's attitude and love for animals. Haha. I like the country, but I wouldn't live here. I like my conveniences (Panda and Target!) Sheesh, Carla getting to hang with Mom and Dad all pampered and spoiled! Lame. Haha
So, I am fully aware the Olympics are going on...I cannot WAIT for them to be over. It is killing me that I am missing them. Cheer for the USA and China! Even in this little bitty town, the Olympics are everwhere. Sigh... And, Dad, can I just tell you how much I miss my car?? Everytime I see a Focus. Take care of it. That will be a happy reunion in 13 months :) The car and Buster! Miss him too. Preston and Augie are in 29th Ward now? Thats awesome. Yup, I know those guys.
Ok, lame, this is a super short letter this week! And, no photos. I took some the other day to send today, but when I looked back through them...yikes. Someone has gained some weight!! Sister Chub Cheeks needs to shape up a little before I send anymore photos. Eek. Sorry!
Well, Sister K and I are fixin to leave to Baytown and we have 4 hours of driving to do today. So, we've gotta get going. I love yall so much and hope things are still going well. Tell Jayze congrats and hello to the whole Flake family for me!
Love yall,
Sister Jackson
PS Hank and AJ-I tried emailing yall my letter last week, but it came back as a delivery failure from both of yall. Hopefully this week worked! love ya!

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