Tuesday, August 7, 2012

(HANK) Last Transfer! Six weeks to go...

hey mom how you doing? well i got transfer info this week, and i am staying in greenwood with Shell for my last 6 weeks! my last transfer is finally here, i can't believe that i actually made it this far. this was a very unusual week, and kind of funny too. so on Wednesday we had exchange with Philadelphia and Ash came here to greenwood. well we had the most unorthodox emergency baptism occur that day. its going to be much better to explain this in person so ill tell you all about it in about 6 weeks (holy crap!). oh and yesterday we our ac went out and it got up to 90 degrees in our apartment. i have 2 little fans blowing on me when i sleep, we went to the branch presidents house and he lent us 2 oscillating fans and right when we plugged them in at our apartment, 1 of them literaly just broke and the propeller blades snapped off! it was crazy, I've never seen that before, haha. so today I'm going up to Grenada with the senior couple to help out there and then there going to feed us after. well that's really about all that's happened this week. well ill talk to you later, love ya bye!
love hank

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