Monday, August 20, 2012

(HANK): 4 weeks! (but whose counting?)

Email to Lisa:
hey how you doing? well i just sent dad a letter, this week was good. not alot really happened, but it was still good. its been very stormy this week, its great. do you think it will be stormy when i get back? i really hope so. so i now have less than a month to go and its a good feeling, when your this far its hard not to think about it. but yah. so this week is my last zone conference. its on Thursday and we are driving all the way to Jackson which is like 100 miles from here. so its will be an all day thing. then the zone leaders might do a exchange also this week.but we don't know for sure. so I'm going to start sending some stuff home in the mail, but i need a little more money to do it, if that's alright. next month I'm not getting that much on my mission card. so anything will help me out alot. well this week we were working alot in belzoni which is 40 miles from here, and there's this family we're working with there. they are really nice and they are looking very promising, but it may be a while until anything happens. they have expressed interest to come to our church but the 40 miles away thing has turned them off to the idea a bit though. well that's pretty much this week in a nutshell, thanks for the letter ill talk to you next week, love ya bye!
love hank
Email to John:
hey dad how you doing? well this letter is going to be longer than last weeks ha ha. this week was pretty cool, we had church yesterday and it all went well. so this week a huge storm rolled in and it was thunder and lightning all day and night. it was cool, i love the storms like this. oh and also shell this week got an ear infection and so this week he was really out of it. we went to walmart to get some medicine for it and it didn't help so he got this prescription he's taking now. so hopefully it gets better. well today is the 20th which means that i have less than a month until i come home. my heart pounds every time i think about it. its just a cool felling, I'm really going to lose it when my flight plans come in. I'm going to send my bike home, this mission has this thing where you send it through fed-ex for like 30 bucks or something. ill keep you updated on it, and let you know whats happening. well this week is zone conference on Thursday, my last one. and its the only zone conference where I'm going to hear the mission president speak. alot off thoughts are going through my head, and also I'm stressing out about the homecoming talk. you already know that i don't like giving talks and it stresses me out, but I'm glad its on the 30th instead of the 23rd or something. what exactly am i supposed to talk about? oh well i worry about it when it gets closer. well dad thanks for th letter, ill talk to you next week, love ya bye!
love hank

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