Monday, August 13, 2012

(A.J.) Splits, Haitian food, and in Florida for a month already!

Hey you guys, I'm doing great. It sure sounds like it was a crazy week. I don't ever remember life being that crazy but every email I get it just sounds like you guys are busy busy busy. Maybe its because all i had to do was work till 12 and then watch tv all day. haha. What the life. I miss it. Me and my companion were actually talking about it last night and how we both miss just laying on the couch and watching tv. man i miss it, but it will be there in 2 years right. anyways, this past week has been really good. I went on an exchange for a day with another Haitian missionary, his name is Elder Rich, (Elder Gas's companion) but it was great to be with a real veteran. He goes home in October and so he is excited to go home. You know R. Merkley who went to the same mission where I am right now, well Elder Rich was actually Elder Merkley's companion for a few months, so that was cool. Oh, and Elder Merkley is really big here, like all the Haitian members we teach and go visit all know him and he is really famous here in Orlando. Its kinda funny, I always tell people that I know him. And they stay in contact with him, And guess what i found out, if you didn't find out already, he is actually getting married to one of my friends. Jeri you might know her, her name is Anna M P. She is super cool and she would always play Ultimate with us. Anyways, so ya, I heard that this past week and was just like, What!!!!??. but ya, overall, everybody here knows Elder Merkley. So ya I was with Rich for a day and it was cool to go out with him for a day. He was actually with Elder merkley when he got mugged at gunpoint. haha. sorry i don't want to scare you mom. haha. but ya, I just thought that was cool. Well, so about the people I'm teaching. We have like i want to say 7 or 8 Haitian investigators right now, but only 1 of them has a baptismal date. But ya, most of the Haitians here are really nice, and they believe everything we teach them, like they even say to us, they believe what we are saying is true, but they just don't want to be baptized and change their life. It stinks. But there are some who actually do want to change. but ya, its great here. We are actually assigned to do half Haitian and half English right now, but all of our investigators are Haitian. So I don't know why we are assigned to do half. but ya its great. Oh, so let me tell you about the food. i love Haitian food, so far. Its nothing out of the ordinary, some things are out of the ordinary and gross, but i haven't had that stuff yet, but it is overall really really good. I should take pictures. When I eat something really gross though, I'll let you know. Well, everything is going great, Haitians are awesome. Well, the work is going good. I've already been out here 1 month. It went by fast, but still, its tough to think that I still have 21 more months to go. But it will come. Well, take care, love you all, be safe and I'll talk to you later. See ya.

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