Monday, August 20, 2012

(A.J.): Temple service, Mesa connections, etc., Krispy Kreme donuts, etc.

hey guys how are you doing. Well, nothing really new has happened this past week. So on Wed. we had a zone conference. It was pretty cool, but really really long. But something that was cool was that all of the missionaries who were leaving got to bear their testimony. And you know how I mentioned that one Elder who is from mesa and played basketball at Red Mountain, well his name is Elder Spillsberry (?) and he will be coming home within the next 3 weeks. And then on Thurs. we had a temple service and that is where you basically just do yard work around the temple for 3 hours. Well he was there too just by chance and we got to talk more with eachother, and he is in the same stake as the Parks. He doesn't know them because he left the summer that they moved down there, but he is in the same stake as them. So ya, let the parks know if you haven't already. He is cool. Well, so to answer your question mom, yes, I have seen the Temple, a lot. I've driven by it a few times and I've gotten to do Temple Service there 2 times. Its pretty big, It is a bit bigger than the Provo Tmple. It is cool. I havn't been able to go inside yet, but my chance will come. We aren't allowed to go inside except on our last day of the mission, just because if we all could go, it would cost a lot in gas and stuff for all the other missionaries. We live about 15 min. away from it, but we have to follow the rules just like everyone else. Oh, but something I can do, is if we have a recent convert and in a year he goes through the temple for the first time, I am allowed to go in with them. So the first week I got here, There was a guy named Tyrone, and he was married and then baptized, and his wife is a member. And this sunday he will recieve the priesthood. He is a solid solid guy, and he just continues to grow. But in a year, when he can go through the temple, I will be able to go in with him. So I am looking forward to that. But ya, so I get to see the temple a lot.

Oh, so a cool story. so this morning, me and my companion decided to go buy krispe kreame doughnuts for breakfast, so we go in and we ask if we could get a dozen of origional glazed. Well, then the person taking our order said, "ok, well the lady at the window would like to pay for you" and we look and we have no idea who it is, but she says, "my son just got off his mission" And so we said, " oh thats great, thanks a lot" and she said " no problem" We were so happy. i mean, it was only 8 bucks that she saved us, but it sure made us happy. I have never been of the recieveing end of that before, so when that happened, I just felt so happy and grateful. It was a cool experience. Me and my companion sure enjoyed those doughnuts. Anyways, that was just a cool little story, so if you guys ever get that oportunity to do something small like that fore some missionaries, do it, because it sure made my day and started out the day great. Just a cool little experience.

Well, things are going on great and are pretty much the same. Well, next week, if I remember, I will send pictures home, I forgot to bring it today, but I will for sure do it next week if I remember. Well, I can't think of anything to say, its pretty much the same old thing. The language is still coming, OH I remembered. So on Tuesday, I went on exchanges with an english speaking elder and we had a lesson that day with a Haitian. So I was really really nervous. I went up to the door and imediately my heart just started pounding and I got terrified. I mean, I can speak the language really well, I can pretty much say whatever I want to say, as long as it is gospel related, but understanding them is a completely different story. well, so we went in and taught the lesson, well I taught the lesson because the other elder cant speak a lick of Creole. So this was the first time when I was talking to a haitian and when i didn't have a more experienced Creole speaking elder to back me up. It was amazing. I taught great, I understood almost everything she said, and it was just one of those moments when I was just so relieved that everything was going along great. It was cool. And another cool thing, I asked her if she would commit to baptizm, and she said she would. So I was pretty happy. It was a cool experience. So after that lesson, I just felt like I was on top of the world. But I'm still learning a lot. I still have a hard time understanding people, but it is getting slowly slowly easier. Luckly we have a lot of solid Haitian member families that we visit a lot and they help us with our Creole a lot.

Oh and i think you asked me this mom, about how many haitians there are and how often we speak the language. Well, when I am with my companion, don't really speak the language. sometimes we do and we can have normal conversations going on, but most of the time, I would say about 80 percent of the time, we speak english with eachother. But there are a ton of Haitians here, it is like in mesa how everywhere you go there are Hispanics, well, here it is like that but with Haitians, There are a ton of them, and most of them, mainly the older ones, don't speak any english. So we use our Creole quite a bit. Its great. And on a little side note, that is cool how Bro. Jardine's bishop is now my Mission President. Bro. Jardine was my favorite seminary teacher and Its cool that we have a small little conection now. haha. Well, thats about it, I can't think of anything else. Things are going good here, I hope things are going good back home too. Well, I'll see you guys later. stay safe.
Love, A.J.

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