Monday, August 6, 2012

(JONNA) Woodville: Celestial Kingdom of T.H.E. Mission!

Hey Everyone!
Man, I got some SUPER long emails this week-which I like-but today, our time is being cut short. SO, another short email today. Sorry! We are going to Vidor today for a combined Zone Pday. President and Sister Crawford are going to be there too. We have some big goals to accomplish and this is our celebration for our half way point. We don't get to watch the Olympics (sad!) but we are having our own Olympic games today. The text said "Bring an extra set of is going to be wet and wild!" Haha. We are SO excited! We hear water balloons are involved. Yay!
Man, I cannot believe Addie is in Houston!!!!! AAAAHH!!!! She is only 2 hours away from me! If I were in Humble, I'd be a lot closer. But, being out in Woodville, we are a litte bit farther away. How does she like all the green and the trees?? I still cannot get over it sometimes. Haha. Man, wish I could hang out with her!
This last week we found three new investigators!! Wahoo!! I cannot even begin to describe how resfreshing it is to have someone new to teach! Pray for us, we are teaching them each about the Restoration this week. Yay!
We had exchanges this weekend too. Usually the Woodville Sisters do exchanges with the Lake Charles, LA sisters. (Which I was excited for because I haven't made it to LA yet) But, the Zone Leaders wanted us to switch it up a bit and we did exchanges with the Porter sisters. Which was exciting for Sis. K-she hasn't been out of Woodville for 5 months. The Porter sisters are in a trio now and so Sister Hig and Hermana Hau came up here. They loved it, and it was fun to show them the town. Woodville has been referred to as the "celestial kingdom of T.H.E Mission." It is the coveted place among the Sisters. (Which, I didn't realize, but I see now what they meant.) Although the work is a bit slower, it is fun. There are hills and lots of country roads. In Houston, it is a lot more flat and urban. It is mighty refreshing to be in Woodville. Last week we went to Baytown for Pday. SO FUN! Gosh how I miss Baytown. I definitely took Target and Freebirds Burrittos for granted there.
I got your letter mom, with Carla's, Papago's, and the photos. Thanks!! I loved the letters from those girls at camp. It made me really miss camp :( but I realy appreciated it! Loved the photo of Monica and Desbah! So stinkin' cute! I missed them lots this week too... I haven't seen Carla's video yet. I need to see this! It is killing me. Mom, we've gotta figure out a way to get this video to me. I don't think it will play back on my camera. yall gotta figure out how to make it work. Hmm...
Ok, well, time is out. I need to do a couple more things on the computer before I'm kicked off. Love you all. Hope this week treats yall good.
Next week's letter will be much better. Promise!
Love yall!
Sister Jackson

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