Monday, August 27, 2012

(JONNA)- No more emailing friends, sick companion, Elder Keele's visit, Ann.

Hello All!
First off-this will be the last email I send to everyone. We have been asked to email only immediate family now. Bummer. So, (I'm trying to be obedient...because I need the blessings!) dear friends :) I am sorry, but I won't be able to email yall anymore. Know what this means...??? More handwritten letters! Yay!! Haha.
And, my mom has been keeping a blog that (I think) has my current address in Woodville on it. (*Note from Lisa:  I have her Mission Home address on this blog, over on the right...see it?  :-)  you can send her letters to this address and they will forward them to her, or you can go to her facebook page and her physical address is there under "Info". )
Sorry all. I hope yall aren't offended! My weekly letters will be on that blog too. Keep writing me!
But, my weekly update...yes, a hurricane is fixin to strike somewhere out here in the south. We got an email from our Mission President today about the updates. He doesn't feel like an evacuation is going to be necessary, but we are to be prepared for one just in case, anyway. Hank and AJ will probably see more of it than I will. So many people here talk about the damage of past hurricanes. It is amazing to hear some of these stories.
The most exciting thing this week was Ann! We invited her to be baptized and she said yes! She hasn't told her husband (a member of 6 years and REALLY wants to be sealed to her) and so she said she'd talk to him about a date. Yay! We are so excited. She came to Stake Conference this weekend. The adult session AND the general session. We might be having dinner with her tonight at the Branch President's house. We are so happy for her! Keep her in yalls prayers. She needs all the support she can get. She's been a lifelong member of another church (all her kin and kin's kin are members too) so she is going to have a battle to fight when they all find out. It hasn't been easy for her.
Well, at Stake Conference, we had the visiting authority, Elder Keele with us. It was really good. The Stake President, 6 months ago, challenged the stake to do indexing. Their challenge was to index the whole 1940 Census (about 250,000 names). Well, in 6 months the stake not only completed the Census, but they indexed 712,000 names! Can you believe that?? The whole stake was involved. Including the youth and YSA. I'm telling you, everyone is all about indexing. It is incredible. I admire that so much. I hope to be better about Family History and indexing when I get home.
On Tuesday, we had Zone Conference. It was great. I really enjoyed it. And, I came away with a more determined attitude to be better. It is hard to though, Sis K and I are dealing with some challenges, but I am trying. Also, at Zone Conference, I found out something interesting. Elder H (on of the Assistants) was born with a heart defect. From the sound of the story, he was born with the same problem as Marky and Tirzah, or something close to it. This was 20 years ago, and his parents were told to just take hime home and wait for him to die. Instead, they took a chance with this heart surgery, and he was one of the first children to undergo a heart transplant for this particular problem. He is now at the close of his mission. He only has a couple months left, and he is a fantastic missionary. I thought that was a great story and though I may not have all the details correct, I thought yall would like to know it.
Other than that, things are ok. Sister K has been sick the last few days so we hardly got any work done. She has been in bed almost all weekend. Today, she still isn't much better. I woke up with a little cold this morning (yikes!) and cleaned the apartment, laundry, and things while she slept. I don't feel too bad, but I hope it doesn't get worse. Although, while she was in bed sleeping this weekend, I watched all the Church DVDs we had, finally put the reflectors on my bike (Yes, the ones you sent me forever-ago mom), sewed up some patches on some clothes, read from Jesus the Christ, and cleaned out our holiday closet. Been getting things done! But, I really would rather be busy doing missionary work. It brings more joy than a clean apartment :) Hopefully she feels better today.
Sounds like things at home are going well. I loved the story about Carla's shoes. I was laughing out loud! In Humble, I was talking to Sis. L (the mom) and she had the DVDs to The Middle on her table. I was so happy their family watched them too! Haha. Carla, what a blessing to have mom across the hall. And, Dad, I loved your story about Saturday morning work. That made me laugh. Again, like I always say, you are the hardest working guy I know. How lucky are we for you.
Well, I've gotta get going now. Time is short. Another call for yall to get your profiles up. I keep looking and can't find a lot of you! We are helping members here create their profiles. It has been really cool to dive into as a missionary. There's a lot of cool things there!
I love yall lots and lots. Hope everything continues to go well.
Sister Jackson

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